What Are Managed Services?

Managed services are defined as outsourced technical and application functions and processes performed by a third-party company or Managed Service Provider (MSP). Unlike conventional software support, which is always triggered by an incident or service ticket, managed services are typically ongoing, proactively planned activities performed by a dedicated team of Level 2 and Level 3 engineers.

Enterprises of all sizes and from all industries commonly contract MSPs to gain access to specific technology expertise and 24/7 assistance while avoiding the time and cost of hiring additional IT staff. MSPs help IT teams by augmenting staff, filling capability gaps, monitoring performance, and improving overall operability, often with less expense.

Large software publishers like Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce generally avoid offering managed services due to their cost and complexity. They retain the support functions, which are high-margin, shorter-term, and limited to break/fix, patching, and upgrades. Instead, the software publishers have built substantial partner programs and maintained relationships with consultancies to provide these add-on operational services.

How Managed Services Work

According to TSIA, a leading authority in the technology services space, managed services have become the second-fastest-growing market in the technology services space. Demand is strong, though this fact oversimplifies the diversity of available managed services. Each MSP is unique, providing select services based on its product, technical, and industry expertise. Offerings can include application managed services (AMS), technical managed services (TMS), and development managed services, each of which solves a different set of technical issues.

Spinnaker Support offers packages of remotely delivered managed services to help your Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce products and systems run at peak performance. The exact services in these packages vary by product line and can include services like monitoring, day-to-day management of basic IT operations and functions, and infrastructure or software management in the public cloud. Pricing is typically established following a thorough needs assessment and discovery process.

Enterprises that partner with MSPs benefit from proactive monitoring and maintenance, 24/7 global access to product experts, and cost avoidance, such as not hiring additional staff. Here are a few examples of Spinnaker Support customers:

  1. Health Insurance Company: Following a severe downtime incident, this business turned to Spinnaker Support to get its critical reporting database back up, running smoothly, and configured properly in less than a day. Impressed, the company switched its Oracle managed services entirely to Spinnaker Support to receive higher quality services, including DBA work, operating system configuration, performance monitoring, database tuning, and query writing.
  2. Metal Flow Engineering Company: A long-time JD Edwards (JDE) customer uses the ERP software to run its entire operations in North America and the United Kingdom. The business was challenged to balance the necessary day-to-day needs of system maintenance with its desire to invest in other long-term initiatives. They contracted with Spinnaker Support for complete JDE managed services – application, CNC, and development – including 24/7 global monitoring and management of dozens of machines.

Types of Managed Services & the Software Supported

Spinnaker Support is a genuinely different services provider for Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce products. We assist enterprises as a “one-stop service shop” capable of delivering a customized combination of comprehensive managed services, discrete consulting project capabilities, and third-party software support for Oracle and SAP.

We have assembled large, knowledgeable, and award-winning global service teams of support engineers, application specialists, and developers to help you avoid or eliminate issues that can hobble system performance and cause disruption to your business. Our resources are located in each of our international operations centers, where they support 14 languages for customers in 104 countries.

Since 2008, many of our nearly 1 200 customers have subscribed to our services to lower operating costs, bolster productivity, and ensure the reliability of their key systems. From the initial conversation onward, we work with potential customers to explain our available services and align them to support their custom day-to-day and long-term needs.

Our managed services teams provide the following:

Oracle Managed Services Produits : E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, Siebel CRM, Oracle Database and Technology, Fusion Middleware
Services: Managed Services (Technical), Application Managed Services, Cloud, and Development
Packages: Four distinct packages
Services gérés SAP Produits : SAP Business Suite and Business Applications, Bi Components, SAP ASE / IQ / Sybase
Services: Basis Managed Services, BI Managed Services
Packages: Basis MS offered in three distinct packages
Salesforce Managed Services Produits : Service Cloud®, Sales Cloud®, Analytics Cloud®, Platform Cloud®, Community Cloud®, AppExchange®, CPQ & Billing
Services: Administration, Architecture, and Development
Packages: Three distinct packages

Customers select our managed services because they receive:

  • Comprehensive and customized ITIL-centric services to augment your staff and provide additional expertise
  • Responsive services 24/7/365, remotely
  • Support from a global engineering team of Level 2 and 3 engineers that average 19+ years of experience with Oracle
  • Escalation, when required, as we have the ability to bring in expert Level 4 staff
  • Help extending the life of stable, customized, and productive applications
  • Additional, immediate assistance via our third-party support and consulting teams