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Oui. Spinnaker Support vous aide à résoudre les problèmes posés par un code personnalisé. Nous sommes conscients du fait que la plupart des clients ont créé des fonctionnalités personnalisées qui répondent à des besoins métier spécifiques pour lesquels le logiciel n'a pas été conçu.

En cas de problèmes liés à des personnalisations existantes, Spinnaker Support travaille avec les ressources du client afin d'analyser les problèmes. Si la cause principale du problème est liée au code du logiciel de base, Spinnaker Support développera une correction. If the root cause is with the custom code, we will provide guidance to the changes needed within the custom code.

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When a customer ends their support agreement with their software vendor, they no longer have access to that vendor’s password–protected websites, thus no access to downloads or patches. While code patches do block vulnerabilities, the reality of the software patching process often does not meet its promise.

Our security philosophy:

  1. We deliver a layered, Defense in Depth approach to security. This means targeting the weakness category (CWE) rather than chasing individual historic threats or CVEs or trying to predict future CVEs. Addressing individual vulnerabilities is counterproductive. Many are active but not yet discovered, and others are still exposed because the patches did not work.
  2. Our proactive approach future proofs the security of your environments. We use hardening techniques and compensating controls to ensure your systems can pass penetration testing and audits. This comes standard with our third-party support. Using CIS & STIG Benchmarks, we guarantee you a more secure environment.

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Yes, GTRC updates are a standard offering with our third-party support model. Notre équipe d'assistance dispose d'une vaste expérience en matière d'offres de mises à jour fiscales et réglementaires de qualité supérieure afin que les clients soient en conformité avec les exigences de la législation ; pour tout dire, notre bilan dans ce domaine est exemplaire.

Additionally, our customers only receive the regulatory changes they require –this allows our support team to make these changes quickly and with little impact to your environment, even when customizations are involved.

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SPCs (Software Protection Codes) are part of your perpetual application license agreement with the software vendor and are not tied to annual maintenance support contracts. These codes are always available from the vendor through the License Code website (Oracle) and via the SAP Support Portal.


Spinnaker Support has a major advantage over other delivery methods to address fixes. La méthode la plus courante pour fournir des corrections consiste à se connecter à distance à votre environnement pour analyser, résoudre et déboguer vos problèmes.

L'équipe Spinnaker Support est en quelque sorte une extension de votre équipe d'assistance interne. Une fois le problème isolé, nous préparons et testons une correction dans votre environnement en effectuant uniquement les changements nécessaires. Cela réduit l'impact sur les autres programmes et objets.

La méthode d'assistance de Spinnaker Support est différente des méthodes des prestataires traditionnels, qui nécessitent l'installation d'une mise à jour sous forme de package qui, à son tour, peut contenir des modifications non souhaitées d'autres parties de l'application, ainsi que de vos personnalisations. The latter method increases the risk of “breaking” other parts of the application, which can result in lost time, frustration, and greater expense to the customer. Les modifications non souhaitées au sein de l'application peuvent également nécessiter du temps supplémentaire pour reformer les utilisateurs.


Oui. Spinnaker Support offers global services from 9 regional operations centers to customers in over 104 countries worldwide supporting 14 languages.

The Third-Party Support Market


Excellent question! All you need to know is in the video below.


As any long-time Oracle customer knows, the cost of annual support steadily grows, while the number of the support features and updates shrinks. Sustaining Support, the final and most expensive support stage has little real value to offer to end-users.

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We see the difference in three areas: Reputation, Relationships, and Risk.

Reputation – Our character and standing in the market are unmatched.

  • Best independent customer reviews on Gartner Peer Insights.
  • The happiest employees in the industry deliver better services!
  • We have the most satisfied customers, with nearly 100% satisfaction based on our annual customer survey that measures the relationship, not merely ticket resolution. >97% of customers are willing to recommend us and our Net Promoter Score is 79, an exceptional rating.

Relationship – “We treat every customer like the only customer.”

  • You’re assigned an entire team. We personalize our service to you, and we’re the only support provider that gives each customer a hand-picked assigned team. Every customer, large and small, is our top priority. That means quicker time to resolution.
  • You only work with the experts. Our software engineers average the most years of industry experience (19+). They’ve seen it all and fixed it all.
  • We accommodate your unique technical and commercial needs. Our fees are always aligned with your use case to maximize your savings, even if you experience changes in your business.

Risk – You’re Safe with Spinnaker Support

  • No financial risk. We maintain a healthy financial status, and every dollar you spend with us is allocated to delivering service to you. We have financial superiority and do not expose our customers to any risk of financial uncertainty, service disruptions or inconsistency.
  • No legal risk. Unlike many other providers, who have been crippled by litigation with Oracle, our service delivery model has been proven to be proper and is uninhibited by Oracle. You will be working with a partner whose processes have been reviewed and approved by Oracle, and you will not be compromised by limits on our ability to deliver or distracted by ongoing legal battles.

In summary, with Spinnaker Support, you get:

  • The highest-rated, happiest engineering team
  • Personalized attention and services
  • Long-term stability
  • Commercial flexibility
  • A safe third-party support choice

FAQ Propriété intellectuelle (PI) de l'assistance tierce


Très simplement : nous n'avons pas besoin d'enfreindre les conditions générales de propriété intellectuelle. World-class support is about customer-focused processes and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Nous devons notre expertise des solutions, tant fonctionnelles que techniques, à notre équipe d'ingénieurs support hautement qualifiés et expérimentés qui ont en moyenne 19 ans d'expérience dans l'assistance des applications d'entreprise Oracle et SAP.

Our support is performed entirely through remote connections to our customers’ systems and environments. Spinnaker Support staff does not possess any Oracle or SAP environments on its computers and performs all work just as a consultant would do sitting in a customer’s office. Almost 100% of the fixes we provide are authored by our support team and are customer-specific—we don’t share code between customers, nor do we access any password-protected websites from third-party software vendors like Oracle or SAP to provide these fixes.


Oui. Spinnaker Support has a strict policy to protect the IP of Spinnaker Support, our customers, and all third-party software vendors used by our customers. Our IP Policy is communicated to each of our support team members, and each is required to read and understand the policy on a regular basis. Cette politique est stricte et fait l'objet d'un examen juridique complet.

The highlights of this policy are communicated to our customers to ensure that their staff, their vendors, and Spinnaker Support’s legal interests are protected. Nous examinons régulièrement la politique de propriété intellectuelle et fournissons les mises à jour le cas échéant. All updates are communicated to our customers.

Documented within our comprehensive Support IP Policy is a list of items from software vendors which Spinnaker Support WILL NOT download, store, or receive from our customers. Spinnaker Support WILL NOT download to any Spinnaker Support systems, any material from a vendor on a customer’s behalf – no tools, no documentation, no patches, etc.

La liste suivante définit les éléments que Spinnaker Support considère comme étant la propriété d'un tiers :

  • Objets et code source du fournisseur
  • Solutions créées par le fournisseur
  • Documentation et matériel de formation du fournisseur
  • Interfaces utilisateur du fournisseur et captures d'écran de ces interfaces
  • Journaux système, journaux d'application, traces ou analyses de diagnostics
  • Documents de conception créés par le fournisseur
  • Données du fournisseur, notamment les métadonnées, données de démonstration et données de formation
  • Sorties formatées et rapports du fournisseur

No. Spinnaker Support’s customers acknowledge and agree that Spinnaker Support will not make or store copies of customer data or any supported products on Spinnaker Support systems. Nos clients sont seuls responsables de la copie et du stockage de sauvegardes d'urgence de produits pris en charge.


Great Question! Devan Brua, Vice President of Compliance and Risk, addresses this question in the video below.


Nous serions ravis de discuter avec vous de notre politique de propriété intellectuelle. Veuillez nous contacter au +1 877 476 0576 pour parler à un représentant de Spinnaker Support, ou adressez-nous votre demande à info@spinnakersupport.com.

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