Le défi

BancTec, now a subsidiary of Exela since 2017, is a global outsourcing service business that runs on SAP Business Suite (ECC). BancTec relies on ECC6 to manage the business, from sales and distribution to manufacturing to service management to human resources (for reporting and service) and to financial accounting and controlling (FICO). The business also runs SAP Business Warehouse (BW), SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC), and several other SAP applications.

With SAP’s support, we never spoke with anyone. Now, with Spinnaker Support, it’s 3-4 times better than SAP was. We talk to a real person and have a real resolution. It’s like you found the switch to the light in a dark room.
– Craig McBroom, Business Analyst

In 1998, the company combined 13 disparate systems into a single SAP instance, and by the time of the Exela acquisition, the system was mature, low risk, and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)-compliant. BancTec had invested 20 years into their stable SAP ECC6 application system. While they did have a moderate amount of customization on the service management side, the remainder of the system was fairly standard, with the functionality working smoothly and as designed.

For that reason, BancTec had no immediate plans to upgrade its ECC6 application. Their internal SAP team was challenged, however, by management’s directive to reduce steep SAP support costs and still provide proper service following a post-acquisition staff reduction. In addition, the SAP team needed to find a company that could provide more responsive customer service with quicker issue resolution.


In 2017, the Director of Business Application Management took up the challenge and initiated a search for support alternatives. Faced with less than half the SAP staff as before and the companywide cost-cutting initiative, he wanted to assess his options and make a transition within a short period.

He instructed his team to identify and vet the top third-party support vendors. The BancTec team met with several companies, compared the different support models, and solicited bids. They found that Spinnaker Support met their technology and expertise requirements and were particularly impressed with the competitive pricing and the highly positive online reviews regarding its dedication to customer service.

La solution

In September of 2017, BancTec selected Spinnaker Support as its third-party software support vendor. Spinnaker Support is a leading global provider of third-party support and managed services for SAP Business Suite (ECC) and over 120 SAP products.

Third-party software support replaces SAP’s annual support, is always at least half the cost of SAP support, and provides more services than traditional support through an expert global team. When switching to Spinnaker Support, SAP customers gain more comprehensive and responsive service, save on their support fees, and can remain on applications such as ECC for as long as they want.

Immediately after signing the contract, Spinnaker Support assigned a team of named SAP senior software engineers to work with the BancTec SAP team. They became familiar with the business processes, SAP and related applications, and system architecture including BPC, their oldest system, which they use to send out regular BancTec reports to Exela.

Even before the end of the calendar year, when BancTec fully transitioned from SAP-provided support, the Spinnaker Support team began to handle and resolve ECC6 support tickets. “It was a little scary leaving the SAP ‘mothership,’ but the onboarding process was extremely easy,” said Craig McBroom, Business Analyst (SAP products) at BancTec. “Everyone I’ve met is interested in helping. We should have done it sooner!”

Les résultats

BancTec immediately achieved its cost reduction goals with Spinnaker Support, receiving 60% hard cost savings from what they had been spending on their annual fees to SAP. As part of the overall Exela consolidation plans, these savings were applied to help increase shareholder value. BancTec plans to stay with Spinnaker Support for its ECC6 support needs for the foreseeable future.

BancTec has been highly impressed with Spinnaker Support’s responsiveness and the overall service. “We know if we’re having an issue, someone will respond within 30 minutes. If it’s a high priority, we immediately talk with someone through email, a phone conversation, or a screen share,” said McBroom. “With SAP’s support, we never spoke with anyone. Most issues you had to figure out yourself. Now, with Spinnaker Support, it’s 3-4 times better than SAP was. We talk to a real person and have a real resolution. It’s like you found the switch to the light in a dark room.”

The internal BancTec SAP team now has the 24/7 support they need to maintain the smooth operations of their global ECC system and SAP applications. Since assuming support responsibility, Spinnaker Support has resolved a wide variety of reporting, error, and workflow tickets for BancTec and assisted with unexpected connection issues during a recent BPC upgrade. BancTec is currently running a project to move all hardware from a Dallas, Texas center to new hardware in Troy, Michigan. This includes two recalculation servers to help send out process reports from BW, and Spinnaker Support is assisting with the configuration settings.

In 2018, early in the relationship, BancTec was also able to take advantage of one Spinnaker Support’s other SAP services, project consulting. BancTec enlisted Spinnaker Support to help move their SAP ecosystem and BW from a physical server to a virtual server. “Spinnaker Support layered it into the work they were already doing for us, and we completed the project in 2-3 weeks,” said McBroom. “Despite a few long nights, which is normal, it worked out well, and we felt as if the Spinnaker Support team was right here with us the whole time.”

To continuously improve on the working relationship with BancTec, Spinnaker Support regularly elicits feedback from users of the services. One BancTec employee recently responded, “Support for SAP ECC is great overall. As long as I have a say in things, we will continue to enjoy working with Spinnaker Support.”


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