8 juillet 2021

Larry Goldman, directeur principal, Marketing produit

British-based Genus plc (FTSE: GENSF) sells elite genetics and other products manufactured using biotechnology to cattle and pig farmers. With over 30 offices around the world, its global mission is to breed better quality animals so that farmers can produce high-quality meat and milk more efficiently and sustainably.

For the past 16 years, Genus has run operations in two subsidiaries on a moderately customized implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS 11.5.10). While not all the legal entities in Genus use EBS, a large percentage of the company’s revenue runs through Oracle.

By 2016, the IT leaders at Genus had reached a key decision point. While they wanted to extend the EBS footprint beyond the current Oracle financial modules, they had determined that an upgrade to R12 would not provide enough additional benefit. They reviewed other enterprise system options, ultimately selecting Microsoft-Dynamics.

Following the decision to move away from Oracle, they began to explore opportunities to reduce their legacy ERP support costs. IT leadership believed that Oracle’s outsized annual support fees were too steep for the quality of support delivered. EBS was in a steady state of operation, and when a support issue was raised, the IT team was either self-supporting on My Oracle Support or experiencing a very long wait time for a live response.

Genus was faced with a challenge: how could it cost-effectively maintain the existing ERP, derive the most value from it, and simultaneously work on a migration strategy?

The answer for Genus was third-party Oracle support with Spinnaker Support. In our latest case study, you will learn:

  • How they approached the search for their support needs
  • Why they chose Spinnaker Support
  • What the onboarding process was like
  • What they have achieved after five years, as they move towards a final ERP migration


“We’re now paying a quarter to a third of the Oracle annual support price, and we certainly didn’t suffer at all for quality of solution. Increasing the support and engagement while reducing costs? You can’t for ask much more than that.”

– Andy Fenton, Head of Global Applications

Read the entire case study here

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