25 mai 2021

Larry Goldman, Senior Director, Product Marketing

In this latest employee spotlight, we are pleased to introduce you to Marcos Sicat, Senior Sybase Technical Solutions Architect. As skilled Sybase engineers grow less common and more in demand, we are justifiably proud that we can offer our customers access to dedicated, high-level SAP superstar talent like Marcos. Read on to see why.

Hi, Marcos. Tell us about your role at Spinnaker Support.

I am the Senior Sybase Technical Solutions Architect at Spinnaker Support. My role is to provide Sybase subject matter expertise in Sybase ASE, Replication, and IQ for Spinnaker Support customers. I provide ongoing solutions to Sybase customers who have left SAP-provided support and are maintaining their current Sybase versions through third-party support. I also help operate their complete Sybase environments through our Sybase Managed Services.

What is your background?

I studied Computer Engineering and Industrial & Management Engineering. Since the mid-80s, I have been working on database technologies like the Ashton-Tate DBase II,III,IV, Vulcan, Foxbase, FoxPro, Clipper, and Sybase SQLServer 4.2 to Sybase 16. Aside from being a database engineer, I have done computer programming like Assembly language, C, and lots of shell scripting.

Prior to joining Spinnaker Support, I completed a successful architecture, engineering, and implementation of ASE using Always-ON replication firm-wide to one of the oldest and largest US insurance companies. Also, I architected, engineered, and built – from the ground up – the largest database installations of multiplex Sybase IQ v16 system for two of the largest US banks.

When and why did you first get involved with Sybase technology?

I grew interested in the database technology around 1985, when I learned how important it was to store and save data electronically. I started using Dbase and Foxbase products then switched to Sybase SQL Server in 1989. I find Sybase ASE to be one of the best Online Transactional Processing (OLTP) database technologies in the market, which is why I’ve never left the Sybase practice.

Do you have a Sybase specialty?

I’d say both Sybase ASE and IQ. I have ASE experience for more than three decades. In 2009, I was the main architect and engineer for JPMorgan Risk analytics IQ multiplex server using Linux IQ v16 with 72 cores and 3TB memory with 50TB storage. I developed the system from the ground up. This system is primarily used for risk reporting, stress tests and capital planning required by the Federal Reserve.

Also, in 2012, I built a similar risk analytics multiplex server system for Citigroup using enterprise HP DL servers consisting of 192 cores and 4 TB memory with 30TB storage. I was working with Sybase, Inc. Professional Services for the financial services industry in New York, and I was instrumental bringing and implementing Sybase IQ in production to large, US-based financial institutions.

What do you most like about working with Spinnaker Support customers?

Spinnaker Support’s customers are easy to work with, and we bond as one team. I enjoy meeting with the customers on a regular basis to discuss past and current issues and to create resolutions. What I appreciate most is when the customers listen to and execute my ideas for improving and maintaining the health of their Sybase environment.

What is one piece of support advice you would give to a Sybase customer?

Be very, very careful with upgrades. Whenever you do a version or patch upgrade of your database product, make sure to test, test, and test again before applying the changes to production. Do not perform an upgrade or patch unless it is necessary. Don’t disturb a well-running system.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like going to the gym to exercise for both mind and body wellness. I also enjoy vacationing with my family and playing golf near my home on Long Island, NY.

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