Pourquoi les entreprises échouent avec Salesforce Innovation et comment éviter cela

Regular followers of our Salesforce posts know about the perils of what we call the “Salesforce service void.” The natural follow-up question we hear is, “How do we stay out of the Salesforce service void?” 

On the surface, the answer seems simple: you need more technical and support resources to create a state of continuous Salesforce improvement. This is the key to helping you avoid the void. But figuring out what type of help you might need, and how to advance your Salesforce ecosystem on a regular basis, is a bit more complicated to figure out. For example:  

  • When is Salesforce support the right answer?   
  • When do you work with an implementation specialist or consultant?   
  • When is the right time to hire more in-house Salesforce staff?   
  • What aspects of managed services can augment your internal team?   

Spinnaker Support’s Chad Stewart, Vice President, Global SaaS Services, and Daegan Gray, Salesforce Functional Architect, weigh in on these important questions, in the webinar replay, “Why Companies Fail at Salesforce Innovation and How to Avoid It.” They also review the key questions you should ask yourself to objectively assess your in-house Salesforce capabilities and ambitions. 

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