Providing for All Your SAP Basis Needs

Your organization depends on its SAP environment. The ongoing health of your customized SAP solutions is largely in the hands of your SAP Basis team. Do you have the right Basis team? Does your SAP ecosystem keep up with the speed of business? Are unplanned outages all too frequent? Is your Basis team firefighting or driving innovation? Are you paying too much for SAP services?

The right SAP Basis managed services partner can work wonders for your team and your business. It can fill gaps through automated SAP ecosystem monitoring, staff augmentation, migration planning and execution support, and development support for new functionality. It can also assume complete Basis administration and management to run your entire SAP landscape. In either case, the right partner delivers the exact services for a fair price.

Service Packages

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Monitor & Maintain
Total Basis Management

Spinnaker Support could be the right partner for you.

We offer three SAP Basis managed service packages, each designed for your specific Basis needs, SAP maturity level, in-house capabilities, IT and business roadmap, and budget. Packages include:

  • Monitor & Advise – Combines automated SAP ecosystem monitoring with sound advice from experienced Basis administrators to help you better manage your own SAP environment.
  • Monitor & Maintain – Includes automated SAP ecosystem monitoring plus direct, 24/7/365 access to assigned Basis administrators who supplement your in-house team.
  • Total Basis Management – Spinnaker Support assumes primary responsibility for your Basis administration and management.

More than a Basis Managed Services Provider

Spinnaker Support is a unique SAP service provider: we’re the only vendor that delivers high-quality SAP Basis Management services AND provides award-winning, cost-effective third-party SAP support that directly replaces SAP-provided support. Either primary service can be delivered stand-alone or in tandem. The combination results in the most effective, responsive, efficient, and affordable service experience for our customers.

WEBCAST: On-Demand Overview of SAP Basis Managed Services

If the changing business environment is stressing your team and your SAP systems, then our Basis Managed Services (BMS) could be the ideal solution. Presented by our SAP Basis team leader, this 9-minute video covers the definition of BMS, package details, and what distinguishes Spinnaker Support’s services. 

Why Choose Spinnaker Support

  • Award-winning SAP support services. Since 2012, we have grown to cover more than 125 SAP products and technologies.
  • A deep bench of certified SAP Basis experts. We work from eight regional operations centers across the world to deliver high-quality remote Basis services tailored to fit any business. Our engineers maintain all the skill sets required to support both legacy and emerging products.
  • End-to-end ISO-certified service delivery processes. Our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified processes are exacting and proven. Our reliability and depth of expertise have earned us the trust and loyalty of nearly 1 200 organizations located in 104 countries.
  • Customer satisfaction ratings that annually exceed 98%. Customers rate us highly because we are responsive, resolve issues quickly, and demonstrate high functional and technical knowledge.

Spinnaker Support’s Basis Managed Service Packages

Every organization that runs SAP has custom needs and expectations. That’s why we offer three Basis managed service packages for SAP, so you receive the right services at the right price.

Surveiller et conseiller

Monitor & Maintain

Total Basis Management

Primary Basis Performance Responsibility Customer Shared Spinnaker Support
Need Fulfilled
  • A cost-effective monitoring tool and approach that tracks performance of the SAP ecosystem (SAP and non-SAP) to pave the way for better Basis and business performance
  • Access to additional Basis administration resources th