20 juillet 2021

Sunsook HanManager, APAC Field Marketing

More than 70% of Spinnaker Support’s global workforce is made of engineering experts, and to maintain our industry-high level of customer satisfaction, we always hire the best employees in the industry. Meet one of our latest hires in the APAC region, DoKeun (DK) Kim.

DK is an Oracle powerhouse. In 2006, he participated in Oracle Asia Pacific Developer Summit and Open World and was selected for the first “Oracle Ace (ACE)time” in the Asia Pacific Region, an award from Oracle that recognizes top expertise. DK has authored a book, Oracle 12C New Features, and is a veteran engineer with 29 certifications including Oracle Database (DB), Oracle Linux, Exadata, MySQL, Oracle Cloud, SUN Solaris, Java, and AWS Cloud.

We are so pleased to introduce you to DoKeun Kim, a professional, mentor, and lifelong learner who actively shares his knowledge with customers and his Spinnaker Support colleagues.

Hi, DK. Tell us about your role at Spinnaker Support.

DK Kim, Technical Solution Architect at Spinnaker Support

I’m an Oracle Application Technical Solutions Architect at Spinnaker Support, based in Korea. That means I work with Oracle customers to troubleshoot any functional issues and perform root cause analysis. I also work as a dedicated customer support representative(ASL) for some clients. I provide comprehensive services from customer problem solving to preventive customer advice. I also work with our Oracle teams to provide technical support for all aspects of Oracle and collaborate with other experts on the Oracle team to find better solutions.

What is your technical background?

I studied Applied Engineering at university and started as a programmer, but I became more interested in database administration (DBA). I participated in Oracle Asia Pacific Developer Summit and Open World. While consulting with customers in IT organizations such as Oracle, Deloitte, and Lotte, I primarily performed database tuning, modeling, and database building projects. Until recently, I have been working on customer data-related projects.

In those positions, through my close relationship and experience with customers, I am always thinking about what the Oracle DB role means not only for the IT team but for the entire organization. I’ve always worked to provide customers with the newest technologies and help them understand the latest trends. It was a valuable and meaningful time for me to learn on my own.

When and why did you first get involved with Oracle technology?

When I first worked as a DBA after graduating from University, I learned the 8i version and joined several communities to build my skill. I had fun participating in technical discussions and providing advice and sharing tips on the Oracle Technical Network, which was very popular at the time. With those experiences and self-study on Internet, I now have 29 certifications to advise for not only Oracle DB but also the customer’s overall IT roadmap.

Do you have an Oracle specialty?

Korean customers place great importance on performance. So, I completed a lot of database tuning when I was working in consulting or vendors. I am confident in all fields related to Oracle DB, including not only small technical parts, but also drawing the big picture of IT related to Oracle DB with data modeling, data linkage, and cloud service project experience. I am also keeping a close eye on the latest technologies and trends, and recently I have been studying Opensource DB while watching the movement of Oracle’s customers.

What do you most like about working with Spinnaker Support customers?

In an Oracle project, many companies find that they are paying for unnecessary upgrades and huge license support costs, even though they maintain a stable Oracle environment. In some ways, the cost of support has been hampering IT organizations’ effectiveness and hindering the planning of new IT initiatives. Oracle support should instead focus on more core competencies of the company, and this can be accomplished through a professional support company dedicated to delivering responsive and knowledgeable services. I am very pleased to be able to do that through Spinnaker Support.

Through our close collaboration with various Oracle customers, I am also glad to support customers who use an environment different from the preferred option or product in Korea and systematically organize the problem-solving methods.

What is one piece of support advice you would give to an Oracle customer?

When a problem occurs, it will be much easier to analyze the problem if you capture the OS and DB information at that point. Then analyze the issue with a top-down approach, starting from the OS and DB and narrowing the scope of the problem gradually through error messages. We recommend that you post a ticket as soon as a problem occurs rather than solving it yourself. We promise immediate processing with worldwide experts within the organization.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like to travel outdoors with my family every weekend. Especially because of COVID-19, we go to rivers or mountains to relax rather than crowded places. And in my personal time, I love to read, and one of my yearly goals is to read at least 30 books a year.

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